Mix Aromatique

I Mix Aromatique they are synergies of totally pure essential oils that are extracted exclusively by steam or, for some, by water. This type of extraction, completely natural, makes it possible not to treat them chemically after extraction as there are no toxic constituents residues that can alter the skin. The “Mix Aromatique” bring the scalp and skins back into balance with various imperfections or stimulate better hair regrowth

Serum Ante Expression Minilifting effect

It is a treating gel for bags and dark circles; contains plant substances draining on edema and vasoconstrictors on the skin microcirculation for a anti-reddening effect. It guarantees an immediate aesthetic effect, thanks to the active ingredients contained, which leads to a visible reduction of wrinkles since the first applications; it has a “minilifting” tensor effect on expression lines. The special gel formulation does not grease and does not protect the natural transpiration of the skin; it is a good base and helps to fix the makeup. Suitable for both female and male skins